Social Media and Blogging Tips from the Experts at Hootsuite

Learning from those who are doing—Vancouver bloggers came out to Hootsuite headquarters for a #YVRBloggers Hoot-up. Bloggers from different niches shared the stage with social media experts from Hootsuite to divulge their social media and blogging tips.
social media and blogging tips
Jordon Behan, who works at Hootsuite, shares 10 Blogging/Engaging Tips:

1. Be a content marketer – start with an idea or story. . .then worry about how someone is reading it. Behan says that he is only concerned about SPREADING IDEAS – and hopefully your site will be attributed properly.
2. Give! Give! Give!  – don’t just ask for the sale. Give good content, share information using the 80/20 rule.

3. Have an ask – always have a call to action!
4. Write the perfect tweet – keep it short and interesting. Try keeping the link in the middle of the content so it won’t be dropped off if RT’d.
5. Be compelling – have something interesting to say, and people will listen.
6. Be amazing at something – your writing, your photography, your videos, your humour. . .whatever your specialty is.
7. Write your blog post, then share it on twitter – then, share again!
8. Tweet often – 10 to 22 tweets a day?!
9. Reduce your time – have templates, schedule social media updates in advance, make the best use of your time. Reduce your time spent not engaging with readers in some way. Example: 1 blog post=10 tweets. Reuse/Recycle content!
10. Recycle Content – add to blog posts & update them instead of creating new posts. Let readers read 1 post instead of 20.


We’re you at the Hoot-up? What were your experiences/what did you learn?

Diane Rolston YouTube Header & Profile Update

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