Kitty Never Saw it Coming

Zombies. The apocalypse. Two things that got me thinking about guns.

Facing fears, doing what slightly terrifies me, not waiting for the “right” time—all reasons why I added “go to a shooting range” to my 35 by 35 list.

Even though I’d done a bit of research beforehand and knew what to expect/what I was getting myself in to there was a bit of fear and anxiousness that came up for me. The shooting range (DVC Shooting Range) was set up to make the experience as comfortable as possible. First, our group (myself and two of my co-workers) and others were lead in to a small room to be shown a bit how to handle the guns we’d be using. An instructor then helped us load the magazines in the 9mm gun we used first, helping us re-position our hands as needed. Any of my unease disappeared as I started firing the gun.

Hello Kitty Target
DVC Gun Range

shooting range


How was it? It’s funny, I was just reading (this morning) in the book The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau about how people ask things like “how was it?” at the end of someone’s quest or adventure. How can someone sum up an experience in just a few words or sentences? Turns out, it’s really difficult to put it all in to words. Maybe it’ll come to me, later—once I’ve had time to process things a bit.

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