35 by 35

I’m doing things differently in 2015. Instead of starting with my plan of what I want to do career/business/blog wise and fitting in fun and me-centred things around those dates, I’m planning my fun activities first.

I’ve been thinking about putting together a list of things that I really want to do/start/try and then actively working through it. Yeah, thinking about it. The truth is, knowing is only half the battle. I know myself (at least in part). I know that I have no problem starting things. I don’t always finish them, though. Sometimes, this is because once I start them I realize that I’m not getting whatever it was I was looking for from this thing that I started. That’s cool: I don’t need to keep going once I’ve come to realize that things aren’t working for me in whatever way. The other thing that holds me back from working more on whatever project is fear. Fear. You’re all familiar with it, right? To say that it has held me back from moving forward with things in all aspects of my life is an understatement.

35 by 35

So, I’m scared. So what? I’m going to do these 35 things before I turn 35 anyway. I’m starting a little late with this, since my birthday is on June 30th. Because of this, I’m including a few super easy things and a few things that I am already planning on completing. So what if it’s cheating? I’ll be sharing the results and all that here. This is a bit of accountability. I’m doing this. You heard it here first.

Here is a partial list of the 35 things I’m going to do between now and June 30th, 2015:

  1. Go to Salt Lake City, Utah
  2. Read the Lord of the Rings
  3. Get a hot stone massage
  4. Go solo camping
  5. Make (vegan, obviously) cinnamon buns
  6. Go on a media tour to the Vancouver Art Gallery
  7. Make matcha tea
  8. Go to a movie by myself mid-day
  9. Get professional promo pics taken (after the hair dye thing?!)
  10. Sew bedroom curtains
  11. Go to a movie in the VIP section at the theatre
  12. Throw a party
  13. Watch Frozen
  14. Go to a shooting range
  15. Have a guest post published (somewhere major)
  16. Read a book in its entirety at a book store
  17. Take a first aid course (and get certified)
  18. Make a mason jar lamp shade for my bare hanging bulb

Plus others. So, you may have noticed that some of these things will cost me a bit of money or really only be appropriate during certain times of the year. Because of those reasons, I’ll need to plan to add in these 18 (plus the others) to my schedule to make sure they’re planned for and around. If you’re reading this and want to play along with me by creating your own list or joining me on one of my adventures, I would so welcome that.

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